Mastcard Complaint

Well PayPal I went to 711 take out a prepaid debit card the lady that needed to send my if or passport or social security then this various days one day after the other she said my card was not allowed to used then I called another she the person that answer phone calls again she tells me same and card was charged with out my permission then my money is gone on this card

Paypal Complaint

Paypal Claims their debit card system had a “glitch in the system” that prevented them from processing transactions for two days in Mid-August of this year. Approximately one week ago I received an email from Paypal stating this and that I would have multiple transactions withdrawn from my checking account on from those two days totaling over $600. I called to dispute this because Paypal had shown those payments as being processed and as a result I didn’t have any money set aside to cover these withdrawals. I was told by a representative of Paypal on that phone call that 1. The email was not authentic 2. The email did not come from Paypal 3. The money would not be taken from my checking acco

Visa Complaint

Okay someone hacked my account and first time they take 110 dollars and second time 120 on the same date 26st this mounth. I know this not to much for USA, but I living in Bosnia˝Europe and that is big money¸for me, because my father has Parkinson diasese and we need all the money we have for his medication.

Mastcard Complaint

I recieved a direct deposit from my employer. When i went and check my account my balance was at a negative amount. They took $638.00 off my account. When i checked my account threw the app it had multiple use from somewhere in Mexico. Im from Camden New Jersey by the way. I called to file a dispute they said i had to wait 7 to 10 business days a month went by and they still havent told me anything about my money.