Ashford University Complaint

They requested a government loan without my permission and were granted a subsidized loan and unsubsidized loan as well as a pell grant in my name without my knowledge or my permission. They also did this knowing that I planned to withdraw from the university the next semester.

Kaplan University Complaint

Kaplan University is now Known as Purdue Global University. I was a straight-A student with a GPA of 4.0 for 6 consecutive terms. I successfully completed all of my core requirement courses under this GPA status. During the 7th term of my studies, I was hospitalized several times and prior to this 7th term, I explained to Kaplan University that I suffered from a medical condition that would require me to submit to medical ER when my doctors received lab results from bloodwork indicating low calcium. I could not choose my education over my well-being. It would be a detrimental and hazardous choice for my health. It could have led to death. The college was made aware and even when I was hospit

ETS Complaint

On May 29, 2019 I placed an order in my ETS account for a GRE test on July 3 2019. On the afternoon of June 29 Saturday I received an email from ETS out of the blue, claiming my test has been cancelled. I immediately tried to get in contact ETS, but their phone number didn’t work as it was a weekend day. I had to submit a message through their online form, informing them I didn’t request the cancellation and asking them to make sure my test will go on normally. 12 hours later I received an email reply from ETS, saying my test was cancelled on “June 30”. Apparently ETS does not have a well-organized record and couldn’t keep their story straight. How could the test have been cancelled on June