Gold’s Gym Complaint

I signed up for personal training and after two months I no longer wanted to do the personal training. my contract states that I must cancel 30 days prior in writing lol smh I emailed them one day late (on day 31) they refused to cancel and give me my money back so I called my credit card company who determined that I should get my money back so they gave it back to me but now Golds is coming after me saying I owe them that money even though I dint use any of those sessions. What’s more alerting and is another reason I didn’t want to continue my personal training is because the trainer I had been working with did not want to continue training me if I wasn’t willing to be “friends with benefi

Anytime Fitness Complaint

On April 8, 2019, I brought the medical documentation from my doctor stating clearly I'm not able to work out anymore. After 5 business days, I called and asked about the status of my request. Owner Joseph was really rude on the phone, laughing at me stating he doesn't have to listen to the doctor because he has signed a contract. I asked for a copy of my contract which I never received. As of today July 8, 2019, I went there one more time because they keep charging me. And ask them for cancellation, according to the law in Illinois they cannot keep the gym membership contract for more than a year. A full year would be in next month. I agreed to pay for it and ask them for cancellation. 20 m

LA Fitness Complaint

On 4/24/2019 Wednesday, I went to LA Fitness started a gym membership. Under the recommendation from the staff, they talked me into a tryout of a free personal training session (PTS). I just want to sign up for a simple training session, I didn’t even wanted a session that day, but they insist I have the free session at that time, so they can pull the high pressure sale. I personally never into physical development, I never had any paid membership of any gym. When I sign up for the member, during the consulting session at the beginning in the Alina’s office, I mentioned and emphasized multiple times that I am not interested train myself into muscle guy or running marathon, I am only here to

LA Fitness Complaint

Upon signing up for La Fitness's personal training as well as a membership with the gym itself I was told that I would be paying for a year of PT for a one time payment of $400. I was never shown the contract with which I was signing, only the electronic pad to sign it AS the associate was "reading" off the contract to me. I was then billed $400 every single month and accrued +56 sessions in my account. They had tried to trick me into downgrading said account to only paying $200 a month, despite the fact I already have these sessions. Upon speaking with Customer Service they stated that if I were to cancel the payments I would then lose those 56 sessions, the ones I already paid for and woul

24 Hour Fitness Complaint

I have a life time membership with 24 Fitness since 1995. I have an active membership. I wanted to be grandfathered into to a super sport gym where there use to be an active gym but that was torn down and replaced by the super sport gym. 24 Fitness refused to grandfather me into that club. I spent hours on the phone with them trying to get proper resolution. 24 Fitness just gave me the run around. But This kind of complaint against 24 Fitness where active members wanting to be grandfathered into the super sport clubs has already been filed sued. And that is,

Orangetheory Complaint

I paid for 2 months of unlimited classes beginning on April 24th 2019 and set to expire and charge me $169 on June 24th 2019. I cancelled the membership on May 15th 2019. They charged me $169 on May 24th 2019 claiming that When you put in a 30 day notice you still get charged 30days. But I had paid for two months in advance so they essentially are double charging me.