Rent-A-Center Complaint

I have been purchasing a bedroom set in November of 2018 . I have been waiting for my mirror this whole time . I keep getting the run around . I ask every 2 weeks about my mirror called corporate same run around only this time it's the general manager !! Then come banging for payment telling how he will.just garnish my wages he has the mirror coming still it's coming 1800 paid on 3000.00 item without a mirror that I am very much paying for I found the set and can do my own math with intrested.Either remove that from final cost or delivery of mirror.Of course now I dont even want the set but want that mirror with interest returned to ke for the payments already made

Santander Consumer USA Complaint

I finance a car a 2016 C300 Mercedes Benz with them @ $757.00 monthly with the late fee's I owed about $3,000 , I fell behind 3 months because of work , I called them to let them know , they gave me 10 days to come come with money I came up with money 15 days later , I call them to enquire where the car was they say at the auction , I call the auction place the car was there not sold , I called back Santander to pay the money for the car ,they told me it too late it's at the action , I told them the car is not sold let me go get the car , they said no it's too late. .

Credit Acceptance Corp Complaint

The company at first would not let me after putting 8,000 down for down payment when I first got the car return the car because it had to many issues I didn’t want to deal with it. They told me they could not after a few days. The car was having mechanical problems and a broke trunk as soon as I brought it. Also they did not explain the temporary orange sticker on the tag that expired not long after I got the car. They would not help with anything. Then I was paying my car note on top of fixing the mechanical issues when I first got it ahead of the due date. They towed my care after being a few days late on the third month and I had been going to another car maintenance shop they referred me

Stoneberry Complaint

Never received order from stoneberry filed Claim with stoneberry to get my order with them reshipped but stoneberry ended up cancelling the replacement order the service that I'm being provided by stoneberry has been the worst I keep getting promised that this matter will be resolved but stoneberry keeps failing to do so

Rent-A-Center Complaint

They called my boss on his personal cell because they knew him and violated my privacy they entered my home while only minor kids were there. They called my references telling them I was gonna be sued and the marshals would take me to jail. I tried to pay what was owed they would not accept my payment but kept calling telling people I was gonna be sued which is a violation of my privacy