Wells Fargo Dealer Services Complaint

I had my car repossessed about 2 months ago by Wells Fargo Dealer Services and from the time they took it to when I bought it back, it incurred over $2500 in damages. Almost every panel of the car had damage on it. They waited to take photos of it until hours after they had it in their possession, and by that time the damage was already there. They told me I am responsible for providing photographic evidence that the damage wasn’t already there- saying that regardless, the only reasonable evidence I could provide would have had to be time stamped just before or at the time they took it. The burden of proof should not be on me to provide such evidence, they should have documented the state of

Santander Complaint

I believe I was in a Usary car loan. I surrendered the vehicle voluntarily.
Starting Balance Dec 2015:$29,105
Ending Balance Dec 2018: $23,592
Only $5,512.63
Paid: $17,407

I'm open to financial compensation, but I'm simply asking for the final balance, which is now $12,989 (after they sold the car) to be Zero'd out on my Credit Reports.

Credit Acceptance Corporation Complaint

My car was voluntarily repossessed. I receive a letter that i can settle less than what i own on the car yet my understanding was tjat gap paid 16,000 and the remaining is 9000.yet i was told that the car eas going be auction off .yet it was told to me it eas for 16,000 but the letter stated 16,000 was paid by gap so now i m told that i own 9000 but can settle 60 percent of that or give thrm 250 by may 1 and then make payment 175.00 or i will be turn pver to Collection. Also letter staye that i have 23 days to make 60 per ent of the 9000.00 .i eant to go to court because i m still in court about this car because someone vaniize the car and i fpr one did the car really get auction off