Bank of America Complaint

I agreed to upgrade my leased cash register equipment so long as the terms of the new lease were the same as my old lease. One of those terms was my right to cancel the lease at any time with no penalty. The Bank of America Merchant services Rep agreed to the terms but did not put that term in the lease. Now that I have returned the equipment Bank of America is still withdrawing money from my account without my authorization.

Airbnb Complaint

It was never disclosed in the booking details or the rental agreement that the property was 12 miles up on a mountain and had an elevation of 4,000 feet. The road to the property was a steep, winding nightmare, unlit and eventually foggy. It was very difficult to navigate as out-of-towners, even in the daytime. These travel conditions were extreme enough to cause a passenger panic attack after 30-45 minutes of attempted driving. It was decided that we could no longer continue forward to the property due to severe safety concerns. We attempted to contact the property host multiple times but were unable to reach them for several hours, eventually having to contact Airbnb support. We asked if t

Airbnb Complaint

On July 7th I booked and paid for a beach front residence in Malibu, CA. Upon checking in to the home and entering the Airbnb code we were shocked to find that we walked in on a lady and her young child. We left without getting her information, when we tried to make contact with the person in the home, she declined to answer the door. We then had to book residency elsewhere. When I asked for a full refund, reimbursement for the 2nd room, and the food we bought to cook, the owner agreed, yet Airbnb says he didn’t.

Lyft Complaint

Was in an auto accident and fistfight. Was not logged into Lyft at the time but was deactivated as a driver before having a day in court. My insurance company is trying not to fix my car because I was driving for Lyft even though I was not logged in at the time of the accident. I am also being sued by the driver of the other vehicle.

Vivint Complaint

The salesman said they he was giving away free equipment. I triple checked and asked multiple times that the equipment being installed was completely free? He said yes I would just be charged the monthly service fee. This turns out was not the case. I have filed for a cancellation but they will not do it until the equipment is paid for. They said I verbally agreed on the phone call confirming. I said no I didn't. I agreed to the service all the while the salesman is standing there feeding me more lies about how he was doing a soft credit check and in fact getting me to do a loan. I requested a copy of that phone call as well as my contract all of which I never received.

Sprint Complaint

I met my contract obligation of 2 years. I asked for them to unlock my two phones. They sent me an email for each one. One successfully unlocked, the other didn't. For the Motorola Moto E4 they claim they have unlocked my phone multiple times - but it is NOT unlocked. The local SPRINT store simply has me call the 'Sprint International' number. They are unable after 3 tries to unlock my phone. There are many complaints on the Sprint user site about this very same problem. I have records and details of all conversations and visits to the local store.

Sprint Complaint

Bought 2 phones in store under BOGO deal. Never applied the BOGO deal, Have to call multiple times a months to get credit and spend an hour on the phone each time and go through escalations process, I have spent hours on the phone with Sprint to get them to correct what they messed up every month. Different explanations, outcomes every month. I just want the deal they promised me.