American Complaint

I booked an American Airline Ticket for my daughter from Abu Dhabi to RDU. When I booked the ticket it was clear that her bags would be subject to American Airlines Bag Policy - $0 for the first bag and $150 for the second under 50lbs. The original flight plan had her on a British Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to London and then to RDU. At the last minute the British Airways Flight was canceled and American routed her onto an Etihad Flight to Frankfurt then an American Flight to Charlotte and then to RDU. When she checked in to Etihad they charged her $384 for bag fees -- $234 more than the American Policy. The also cancelled her Charlotte RDU Flight and a relative had to drive from Raleigh

Vivint Complaint

The salesman said they he was giving away free equipment. I triple checked and asked multiple times that the equipment being installed was completely free? He said yes I would just be charged the monthly service fee. This turns out was not the case. I have filed for a cancellation but they will not do it until the equipment is paid for. They said I verbally agreed on the phone call confirming. I said no I didn't. I agreed to the service all the while the salesman is standing there feeding me more lies about how he was doing a soft credit check and in fact getting me to do a loan. I requested a copy of that phone call as well as my contract all of which I never received.