Planet Fitness Complaint

I submitted a cancellation form with Planet Fitness at the Sterling, VA in August 2019 to Otis Polk.Upon submitting the form, I asked whether there was anything else I needed to do to terminate my membership.I was told no.Two months later, I saw two additional charges on my credit card from Planet Fitness for months in which I didn’t use the gym.I called the Sterling VA facility, and spoke with Manager Bobby L—-, who refused to apply the payment for non-use to my buy out balance, and also refused to apply the remaining balance to my credit card they have on file without requiring me to make yet another in person visit.

Bank of America Complaint

They been charging me fees of overdraft over 20000 some are correct but most of them are plenty wrong I showent my statements my receipts telling the showing them ac orddint to their paperwork and they say the it’s different in there back office systemso they wont returnthem

Sprint Complaint

I was quoted ~$165-170/month total for five lines. My bill was $220 for the first year. My bill then increased to $280/month and my military discount was dropped. I called and was told they’d fix it. It has been almost five months, and it’s still $280.

Bank of America Complaint

13 years with bank of America.. my disability was going to be changing I had my account 200 overdrafted..I asked if they would put my account on hold and told them it would be 4 months or so untill I’d be using and able to pay off my negative balance. CSR in recovery dept promised they wouldn’t close my account..they did.. Sept 2018 went to boa paid my debt off..I had a 20k check bank.manager said he’s having a hard time trying to get a new acct opened and to come back 2morrow..I did that every other day for 2 weeks..then you be told they couldn’t..dome reason I was blacklisted the other banks called it and I’d have to wait 30 days to open a new acct bank..

Sprint Complaint

I have sprint for over 2 years now. When I upgraded they told me my bill would be $88 a month turns out to $120 a month. When I purchase the galaxy s9+ buy one get one free promotion. I was never inform that at the end of the promotion I would have to pay regular price.Sprint text or email me or even notify me of monthly bill increase. I put one phone line on standby and still is paying for the whole phone because bill is still the same amount as if all lines being used and they keep telling me it’s not but it is cause I’m very good at math. Sprint also has hidden charges and fees they cant seem to find on my account and telling me they giving discount advantages which is a lie. Sprint also

Vivint Complaint

My elderly parents, eight-eight and eighty, tried to cancel their account but were told that they had to pay off the$1,000 loan that they took out with Citizens Bank for the equipment. My father said he was misled. He said he never would have used their service if he had known he was buying the equipment. My dad said he never received any paperwork for anything, not from Vivint or the Citizens Bank.

Uber Complaint

On October 10,2019 i lost my car keys at LA Fitness ,RT 441 Boca Raton, credit card information with uber ware not valid , Alex D——- a manager at LA fitness volunteered to pay for my Uber ride to my house to retrieve extra keys and valid credit card, while driving to my home i explained to my uber driver Luiz [******} what had happened and he asked me if i was ALEX ,Ialso told him i would need a ride back to LA fitness to retrieve my car ,which he agreed to do,he specifically asked me again if i was alex and i told him no ,Alex paid for my trip,when i enterted my house to retrieve my extra keys and credit card ,Luiz drove away,the next day when i went back to LA fitness ,Alex told m