Airbnb Complaint

When we got to the house it was completely nasty everything how it was in the picture in the listing wasn’t the same the house was dirty and I contacted my host and she said she wasn’t going to give me my money back I didn’t even stay at the house I left within an hour and got an hotel room

Airbnb Complaint

It was never disclosed in the booking details or the rental agreement that the property was 12 miles up on a mountain and had an elevation of 4,000 feet. The road to the property was a steep, winding nightmare, unlit and eventually foggy. It was very difficult to navigate as out-of-towners, even in the daytime. These travel conditions were extreme enough to cause a passenger panic attack after 30-45 minutes of attempted driving. It was decided that we could no longer continue forward to the property due to severe safety concerns. We attempted to contact the property host multiple times but were unable to reach them for several hours, eventually having to contact Airbnb support. We asked if t

Airbnb Complaint

On July 7th I booked and paid for a beach front residence in Malibu, CA. Upon checking in to the home and entering the Airbnb code we were shocked to find that we walked in on a lady and her young child. We left without getting her information, when we tried to make contact with the person in the home, she declined to answer the door. We then had to book residency elsewhere. When I asked for a full refund, reimbursement for the 2nd room, and the food we bought to cook, the owner agreed, yet Airbnb says he didn’t.

ADT Complaint

My name is E***** A*****, live at [...] WA. My family ordered ADT in May, 2018. We paid $800+ installation fee, monthly auto pay ADT $65 per month. I was promised to have cameras that recording our very small unit C-101, especially in sleeping hours in the night, and I was promised I could check the ADT Recordings within 30 days. However, ADT failed their Home Security duty as I have been attacked with Plague superbug disease needle shoots all over my legs and arms ever since May, 2019. I have been in a very serious skin disease illness ever since. I went to ER on May 19, 2019, and the pictures of my wounds are showing I have been keep receiving the pl

Hertz Complaint

I rented a car and it died one morning when I had a critical doctor's appointment to get to. I called Hertz and first they blamed me, for leaving the lights on or something, then they said that they had no responsibility to me, that I'd have to get it towed at my own expense. After arguing with them for a while, they finally conceded, towed my car, and I had to go to Hertz to get a replacement rental.