Sprint Complaint

I have sprint for over 2 years now. When I upgraded they told me my bill would be $88 a month turns out to $120 a month. When I purchase the galaxy s9+ buy one get one free promotion. I was never inform that at the end of the promotion I would have to pay regular price.Sprint text or email me or even notify me of monthly bill increase. I put one phone line on standby and still is paying for the whole phone because bill is still the same amount as if all lines being used and they keep telling me it’s not but it is cause I’m very good at math. Sprint also has hidden charges and fees they cant seem to find on my account and telling me they giving discount advantages which is a lie. Sprint also

Google Complaint

Google wrongly canceled my Youtube account claiming I violated copyright laws. This video I posted was for educational purposes which does not violate copyright laws. Google cancelle my youtube account which also deleted or blocks me from all my personal youtube videos. Property that belongs to me. I have filed the appeal using the internal platform 2 yrs ago, google has never responded. I have made numerous efforts and google still has not responded directly to my claim,.

Terminix Complaint

I paid to prevent squirrels and mice in my home. I still have squirrels. Repeated calls and emails have gone mostly unanswered. When I do speak with someone they schedule an appointment but no one shows. Afeter clearly explaining my problem to a representative the other day — I have squirrels and they have punched holes through my Dining Room ceiling— they scheduled an appointment for today, the person they scheduled was an inspector, not someone that could fix this. I don’t know what to do at this point, they are not responding to me.

Airbnb Complaint

On Tuesday June 18, 2019 I was locked out of the AirBnb I was renting with my fiancée under my name due to construction workers working on the property for the owners locking the door gate and both car gates to the property. This was notified to the property owners at 8pm that night and we were not in contact with them via phone, text,or in person, as the rental was the pool house in the back of their property, until the next morning in which we asked for 2 nights refunded as we were not able to stay there Tuesday night and had to rent a hotel room for approximately $150 that night. I paid approximately $90 each night at the Airbnb. There was some miscommunication and the owners were only wi

American Home Shield Complaint

I purchase home warranty from American Home Shield back in May, 2019. My refrigerator was broke down in August 09, 2019 and this company still using excuse that the part is back order and still not fix my refrigerator. My Kenmore Elite refrigerator cost over $3,700 and they only offer $370 . Today is Oct. 15 and my refrigerator still not working . I contacted customer service and consumer affair several time with my concern but still nothing work. They keep ask me to wait .

H&R Block Complaint

Just received a letter from IRS showing thattax year 2017 one of part of income unemployment was not added in tax filing according to our record we claim every Eran income that year . H&R forgot to add unemployment income also we bought the peace of mind. So IRS wants 3900 back for that year.

Terminix Complaint

Terminx came to start bed bug service 5 weeks ago after I paid them in full,1242.00. The bed bug issue has gotten more serious. They canceled Thursday OCT. 10 and told me that they have meetings only on Thursdays. Then they made a new appointment for Thursday Oct 17. They outright lied to me.NowI want the bed bugs totally destroyed. I will now have to totally destroy my living room couch and chairs,however, no one will pick them up because they are totally infested. When the lying sales rep. first came to my house he told the bugs and eggs would be killed or the Tech. would keep returning until all the bedbugs are gone. I am livid over their misrepresentations. My daughter and I keep getting