Hertz Complaint

Hertz was taking money out of my checking account even before I returned the rental. The amount I owed them, 2100, was paid in full. I know this because I called my bank that day and they verified my payment. On July 15th, Hertz billed me again for 2100 dollars and took that money from my account. I called them today and they verified they had double billed me. They said they can send me a check for this discrepancy in 3-5 business days. In the meantime. I have a negative checking account balance which I’m paying fees for. I have bills to be paid through automated checking which won’t be paid. And I will accrue these late payment fees because of Hertz. In addition , I was put on hold for ove

Hertz Complaint

I rented a car and it died one morning when I had a critical doctor's appointment to get to. I called Hertz and first they blamed me, for leaving the lights on or something, then they said that they had no responsibility to me, that I'd have to get it towed at my own expense. After arguing with them for a while, they finally conceded, towed my car, and I had to go to Hertz to get a replacement rental.

Hertz Complaint

June 13th 2019 I rented a car from Lyft's rental express... but not really feeling the program I gave the car back on June 17 (4 days later). I was told I was told (also in the agreement) you'll get your deposit IN FULL if you bring the car back in the same condition. I paid ABOUT $258 on the deposit but only received $120 back. I sent sent an email to Lyft for a wk!!! Saying this

Enterprise Complaint

ON 05/25/19 I picked up a rental car from enterprise. I went on a 4 hr road trip with my 3 kids. 3 hours into my road tirp i was pulled over by state troppers and informed my plates and registration was expired. I was held for 3 hours (I was not under arrested) the police was debating on if they was gonna give me the car back.

MEX and Allianz insurance Complaint

I miss my fly, then I try to cancel my rental or change the pickup day, the website didn't allow me so I call the costumer service 3 times the first I was on hold for a hour the 2nd for almost 3 hour the 3rd for almost 2, the costumer service never answered I lose the rental money and the insurance also, the next day I took other flight, when I arrived to Guadalajara airport I contacted the company and try to talk to the supervisor or manager and they never took my call.

Getaround Complaint

Everytime I get in a car there is never any gas in the Vehicle so therefore I have to spend more money to fill up the gas for a vehicle I didn’t use additional the car has a very strong odor smells toxic I told them they keep telling me there’s nothing they can do not only do I feel like I’m getting sick but even customers riding in the vehicle with me I’ll still have complain

Hertz Rent-A-Car Complaint

After paying $574 including $200 deposit fee. I was also charged additional $114. But Let me start from the beginning. I mistakenly assumed that my rental was suppose to be returned on 05-21-19 but I found out from a hertz manager that if I do not return the rental on 05-20-19, $12 late fee will be taken out of my $200 deposit. But less then 24 hours I was charged $114, at first I thought it was normal until hertz tried taking additional $230 the day after. Their return policy states