Hertz Complaint

Hertz Rented me a car with illegal car registration tags. The police profiled me, followed me around, then pulled me over for expired tags. The police threatened to take me to jail for a misdemeanor offense of putting current tags on an expired registered vehicle. Since it was a rental, the policeman, with backup starring my children down in the backseat, walked to remove the tags from the vehicle, after learning I was driving on a road trip. I got out of the car to stop him. He said if he can’t take the tags he is towing the car. Taking the tags off of a car didn’t seem appropriate. We were on our way to LA then Arizona for a 5 day road trip with expired tags didn’t seem safe nor did drivin

Hertz Complaint

Someone hit the rental and we followed the protocol of reporting the accident and contacting hertz so they could get the vehicle. Multiple calls were made starting Aug19th to properly take care of the situation. We were constantly threatened saying to bringthe vehicle back or charges of theft would be filed. So I would call hertz again , very frustrated and explain that we were told the vehicle would be picked up from the tow yard weeks ago. Long story short this has gone on for a month and they finally went and got the vehicle and In the end sent a bill for $2,000 because they said we never notified them and they had no clue where the rental was. So I have pulled my call logs and have proof

Getaround Complaint

A Getaround.com renter rear ended me and didn't have proof of insurance other than saying Getaround.com provides insurance for the rental car. Pictures were taken and uploaded to the claimswe filed with getaround.com but after that the renter went silent and has not been providing any additional information. It has been over a month since the accident and Getaround.com is being mute and not speaking with my insurance agent. When you call Getaround.com they don't provide you a phone number to speak with their insurance department, they only let you leave voice mails. Additionally, they do not provide a mailing address even when you ask for one. Their website specifically hides all this contac

Enterprise Complaint

I had an an appointment to pick up my rental car at a body shop.When I arrived, there was no Enterprise agent.He showed up and said he thought the appointment was at 5pm.I had an appointment in 1 hour.He had a large truck with a V8. I said that I was not comfortable with a truck.I said that I need the full insurance so that I can turn the car in without any issue if there is an accident.I declined NO insurance.I specifically requested full insurance.I paid $360.00 for 15 days.I backed into a car at a gas station.I accepted full repsonsibitly b/c I am so uncomfortable in the truck and I didn't know where he came from.Enterprise has denied my claim, stating that I did not have insurance, beyon