MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I have mobile hotspot services that’s not being honored by Metropcs by T-Mobile. My internet services has gone from excellent full strength down load speed to zero down load speed every evening from the periods of 5pm – 2am. This problem has been going on for as long as 7 mths 24/7 and continues til this day.

DirecTV Complaint

DirecTv says I signeda contract. I did not knowingly sign one. I have talked with them, and talked with them. They told me today it is in with the equipment signing. No one ever informed me of this or I would have had them take it away. I was never told about a contract. I would not sign a contract. Now I have an early termination fee. Can you help me. Please

Comcast Complaint

Recently (a few months ago) I renegotiated my Comcast contract. I have an internet, cable and home phone (triple play) service for $200/month. I have been a customer of Comcast for nearly twenty years.

T-Mobile Complaint

I was a loyal customer in good standing for 13 years. I put up with having intermittent service with the promise from T-Mobile that it would get better and to be patient. Over these years I’ve gotten 3 boosters to boost my service placed in my home. One of them I paid $150.00 the others I either put up a deposit or they let me borrow. I returned one through the T-Mobile store in St. Louis at the Yorkshire location within the past 12 months. It was never received by T-Mobile corporate. Yet the store did verify that I brought it to them to be sent back. Starting March of 2019 my service became unavailable multiple times every day. Calls failed and I was unable to make calls. My data didn’t wor

AT&T Wireless Complaint

They owe me money and continue to turn my phone off and charge me fees and for phones I do not own..This has been going on for a year.False promises hours upon hours of argument and my time…Lost contact of loved ones,mistreated multiple times etc

Consumer Cellular Complaint

I open any account with spectrum end of June received the device in July 5 couldn’t activate this because somehow they didn’t input my name correctly & they had issues finding me in their system, went to a local store twice to get help they couldn’t do anything for me.and they incorrectly wrote my name wrong, once I verified so many times the spelling they got it wrong still. When I received the device I couldn’t activated because of this issue. This is a company error not a customer error. After a whole week went by. I call back trying to activate this device and still was not successful to activate till the 2 weeks after the. I told them that the phone they shipped me was the wrong cellpho

Verizon Wireless Complaint

The company offer to give me $200.00 per line or 6 lines totaling to $1,200.00. Three different customer representative approved the transaction. This was in July 27 2019. This amount was going into the payment of Sprint for early contract termination. Now they are denying to move forward with the promotion because during that time the promotion was only valid for some place in the south and not in New Jersey. I had to paid Sprint out of my pocket.

AT&T Complaint

My Mother passed away in March of 2018 and I cancelled her landline and Internet and U-Verse and had the equipment returned. I had been paying her bills by auto-pay from my account. After her passing and cancellation, AT&T continued to draw her monthly cable and Internet charges up until I finally made aware of it by my Bank. The house was actually sold in February of 2019 and the monthly payment continued to be drawn from my bank account. I called AT&T and was informed that they had no record indicating cable and Internet were cancelled but acknowledged that the landline was cancelled. I had waited for a representative for at least 45 minutes and before this initial complaint and was transf

T-Mobile Complaint

Dispute: False debt collection by Convergent Outsourcing, Inc, for T-Mobile. T-Mobile is seeking to collect payment for an equipment that was unsolicited and not received. At the time T-Mobile claim to have sent the equipment I was not notified as I was not in communication with T-Mobile about its receipt. I was made aware that this had occur when on invoice for the equipment appeared in my mailbox. This invoice had an incorrect address (unit number) of where the item was delivered. I immediately contact T-Mobile and was asked by the representative if I could retrieve the equipment. I informed them that I would not as I was not familiar with the individual that resided at the unit and I was