H&R Block Complaint

I filed my income tax on February 11 2019 the IRS accepted between February 11-13,2019 I got a email saying that my card was on its way on February 13,2019 this is June 23,2019 I have been calling and calling since February and several representative say that have mailed me one and I haven't received my card yet when filing they ask u how would u like your money and u have a option of them mailing or u can get a Emerald Card I selected the card now they telling me that I have to go into a tax office to get a card the reason I opt for the card is cause I didn't and don't have a ride to go into a h and r block to get a card cause if that was the case I would went into a h and r block and filed

Liberty Tax Service Complaint

Liberty tax in ca . i did my taxes i applied for a 800 adv which was from my federal return. I got app it took 3 days which was supposed to be in my account n 24 hrs . then till now i havnt recieved my state refund turns out liberty tax recieved my state refund which was supposed to directed deposited in my account when i call and tell them why did they do that with out my consent.