Uber Complaint

Unauthorized robo calls everyday at least 5 to 8 times a day from uber eats starting at 5:00 a.m. Everyday. Tried to use the option to delete number contact uber nothing works. Downloaded the app to try to access help for customer support, can not log in, because I did not set this account up. I don’t know password, and my email address is not linked to the telephone number for uber eats. This is really stressful, and I’m tired of the calls waking me up, every morning. This needs to stop immediately.

Equifax Complaint

Negligent in allowing my data to be breached under CA code section CIV 1714. The company does significant business in state of California and is subject to juristiction. The breach has resulted in permanent release of data, including date of birth, drivers licence, ssn, address and at risk for identity theft at any given time. I seeking the maximum allowed under CA small Claims court. Company greed exec sold stock before the hack was disclosed. 3 equifax exectives sold shares of credit reporting company worth nearly3 millionshorthly after a massive data breach was discovered.


They have overcharged me almost $100 than my actual bull. Went into a print store and the guy working agreed with me that my bill was too high and I had various obscure charges on my account.

Sprint Complaint

They told me that the phones had a deal, promotion when I bought and then i tried to cancel the contract and now they are telling me that the promotion and deal dont apply on the phones.

Synchrony Complaint

We owe more now than when we started. They lost electronic payments in April and June, I get and mail a money order on the due date and mail the same day and they claim I am late, $38.50 late fee. We were told by dental office if we paid off in a year there was no interest. They charge $10.00 interest + fees of $38.50. Only about $5 of a fifty+ dollar payment goes to the principal. It is impossible to pay off.