Sprint Complaint

I bought a mobile hotspot for my house April 2018. I returned the hotspot within 2 weeks. Sprint says they never received it; however, the employees and the manager at the retail store vouched for me and tried to help me resolve this issue. I was assured that the issue was resolved. 3 months later I started getting collection notices. I returned to the Sprint store that sold me the hotspot in Mountain Home, ID, and was disgusted to see that it had been closed. Now what was I supposed to do? I tried calling the collection agency and Sprint over 30 times since this began. On 7-9-2019, I received another collection letter from a different company. I am NOT responsible for the $176 I am accused

American Complaint

In year 2016 somewhere in December, I bought a ticket for my wife from DFW to SJC, but due to american airlines error, she happened to fly to cancun city of mexico, but her luggage arrived to SJC with correct flight. as she was not fluent in English, she couldn’t understand everything and she were instructed to stay in a hotel and the next day they take her to texas and she has to go again thru all immigration process and all. After that she always remembers that incident. Can you help ke in this to sue AA please. I would love to provide all necessary documents.

Regions Complaint

On may 28 i had mobile deposited checks on to my account one for 900.00 one for 600.00 one for 400.00 one for 485.00 and they got deposited two my account but since i had one check of 200.00 did not get deposit ... They said because they have confidential information that indicates the checks MAY not be Good ..... Thats is discrimination!!!

PayPal Complaint

Dear Sir, I hope you have time to see my email. I am a victim of Internet fraud by Mr. Justin G******. I bought Tv LG Oled from him on April,10,19. He was expecting 900. but he did not want to pay a fee for eBay or PayPal. so he asked me if I can make payment through Apple pay or google pay or PayPal he will charge me 800 USD. I did try to method it did not work for me.

Sprint Complaint

Just bought Samsung Smartwatch with LTE only to find out Sprint has not activated VoLTE nationally. I purchased it online with a data plan and not once did Sprint say voice, data, text would not work. Even at the store when I picked up my watch, the sales consultant didn't inform me of the lack of VoLTE in my area. I even asked her for my new phone number, which she gave to me. There is no information on when VoLTE will be available. I already have a smartwatch (Samsung Gear Sport) that connects through bluetooth. I didn't need a second one with similar functions as my other smartwatch. I wanted it for phone calls, text, and data without having to bring my phone with everywhere with me. I've been with Sprint since 2011 and overall been a satisfied customer.