AT&T Wireless Complaint

I work for AT&T but am also a customer. I recently took a promotion which changed the dates that I get paid and would make it difficult to pay my at&t bill on time. To avoid late charges, I requested that the move my due date up by 4 days. The representative made the change over the phone but did not disclose that this 4 day change would result in an advance bill of $309.99. Since I only increased my bill cycle by 4 days, I should have had a proration amount equal to 4 days, and then the advanced payment of 4 days, not an entire month. Since at&t does not prorate final bills, and since they have already charged me an entire month in advance when I set up service and added charges to my a

Verizon Wireless Complaint

I have a family plan with over charges because of its a family plan. They charge me for 1x activation fees that I have paid up front. They charged me for a phone that was returned within the grace period. They made supposed changes if I went on auto pay and the bill increased over night. I have proof of the amounts that the bill will go down to and wasn’t reflecting correctly for the billing cycle.

T-Mobile Complaint

I have gotten a cease and desist letter from T-Mobile for excessive calling to customer service and asking for credit on accounts cause of that I’m banned from speaking to T-Mobile USA on the phone and stores and offices only by letter very poor customer service I have been treated very unfairly ! Those previous accounts I don’t owe all of the balances alright I don’t appreciate this type of behavior and type of tone and hanging up on me I will sue T-Mobile for this actions T-Mobile won’t get away with this this is BS and John Legere CEO of T-Mobile will not be happy for the very poor customer service experience I had and the type of tone and attitude I had and heard

Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Complaint

I have been robbed of unlimited data a few times. I bought my daughter B**** L**** a phone and they took her data. 304 *** ****. They said I couldn't use mobile hotspot but nowhere on the plan says that. They also said I couldn't find a better deal. This really hurt my financial business. I needed internet recently so I bought another phone only to have the data to be disabled after a week.

MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

I purchased insurance in 2017 on a ZTE blade z max. So August 15 of 2019, I was told by an authorized dealer that the specific phone mentioned above, phone wouldn't be replaced, if lost, stolen or damaged. So I was paying insurance on two lines same phone. If those phones weren't covered why am I paying insurance for them. I should be compensated from the time those phones weren't under coverage. I called metro and I was told they would only compensate me $12 us.