Planet Fitness Complaint

I submitted a cancellation form with Planet Fitness at the Sterling, VA in August 2019 to Otis Polk.Upon submitting the form, I asked whether there was anything else I needed to do to terminate my membership.I was told no.Two months later, I saw two additional charges on my credit card from Planet Fitness for months in which I didn’t use the gym.I called the Sterling VA facility, and spoke with Manager Bobby L—-, who refused to apply the payment for non-use to my buy out balance, and also refused to apply the remaining balance to my credit card they have on file without requiring me to make yet another in person visit.

Experian Complaint

I have cancelled experience since right before the free trial ended and they have still charged me 19.99 a lonth… everytime untried calling or cancelling services they keep charging me.I have tried so many Bill’s to my card so I’m trying to nowndigire out which Bill’s are tied to it before canceling card now….because now I have to resort to this.I cant even get a hold of a live rep to settle this dispute.So far they have charged me 4 months if this

Spirit Complaint

I had tickets booked by Spirit Airlines for October 14 and i wanted to change it for October 09. I was informed by phone that it would cost me $150. An hour later I changed my reservation on line (under “reschedule your trip”). The invoice came for $ 550 (new tickets + $190 penalty fee). I complained during my subsequent telephone conversation and was told that: 1. penalty is $ 190 (not $150 as I was informed previously by phone); 2. this is not really rescheduling my previous tickets but buying a new one, since I will not be reimbursedfor my original tickets. The total price would be old tickets + new tickets + $ 190. I requested the cancellation of the entire new transaction leaving the da

Sprint Complaint

I explained to the customer service representative on the phone at the time that when I was first attempting to purchase tickets on September 27, I received an error message during processing that told me my order could not be processed because prices had changed and that I needed to book new tickets. That prompt me to go back to look at what was available only to find prices had jumped. At that point I made no more attempts to purchase. That error message was an indication to me that nothing was processed. I also never received any form of confirmation of the purchase either. It wasn’t until I found the charges on my card that I found this unplanned purchase. I have complained through multi


The sales rep told me I can upgrade to the iPhone X . I wasn’t allowed to keep my iPhone 7. Told me iPhones comes with back up phones which are free. So I upgrade both me and my daughters phone but they gave us iPhone x and both lg phones to use as back ups. They never said we were getting charged nor the phones come with separate numbers. They also said I was getting two free visa gift cards in the mail. I still haven’t received them .

Sprint Complaint

I have been having issues with them since the start of my service, 1st they send me a refurbished phone w/o telling it was, the phone was a horrible experience it came from AT&T and whom ever had that phone traded it in with Sprint. Phone began getting hot and once I transfer all of my contact and pictures it lost all of my information. 2nd their Customer Service is terrible what they want to do is just sell you products and once they have you under a contract and need assistance you get the worse. 4th NO COVERAGE and they put the blame on the customer and will not allow you to get out of the contract even though it is because of their service. They cancel my account at one point and was get

Uber Complaint

They charged me 31 dollars for an order I did not get. The customer service was very bad. The employee on the phone laughed at me when I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor told me I have no rights for a refund. Which there was nothing that was ever stated that I can’t get a refund.

Boost Mobile Complaint

Began charging me Boost Up! Without me knowing and never told me it was for an iPhone 8 until I visited a store. I was paying an extra fee thinking it was for one of the phones I already own. Will not let me remove the phone and is making it hard to cancel due to an agreement to pay the phone regardless of condition.